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Erin Andrews

first_imgWas Erin Andrews awarded too much money for her lawsuit?  According to court reports, Erin received $55 million as a settlement for the actions of David Barrett and the Marriott Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.As to the directive, Barrett is expected to pay $28 million and the Windsor Capital Group, owners of the hotel, were assessed a $27 million dollar fine.  The suit was the result of the peephole pictures that Barrett took while Andrews was undressing in her room.  He them electronically sent them world wide.Barrett was sentenced to 27 months in prison in 2009–a term he has completed.  They doubt Andrews will receive anything from Barrett but should get several million from the hotel group.  Experts feel the damages awarded were totally out of line for an incident in which no bodily injuries were sustained–only psychological pain.  I really have no opinion on the amount.last_img read more

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