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Homeless woman living in SUV with dogs now has a studio apartment after 2 women called on neighbors to help

first_img(Photo Credit: Melissa Akacha) Lynn Schutzman, a 70-year-old former pharmacist, was living out of a small SUV with her two dogs until two friends came across her car in a suburban Philadelphia store parking lot.(PHILADELPHIA) — It all started with two best friends who took to a neighborhood social media site to get more information about a stranger they’d noticed living in her car in a suburban Philadelphia store parking lot.“Does anyone know anything about the elderly woman with 2 dogs that has recently been living in her car under the covered part of the Target parking lot?” Jennifer Husband-Elsier asked on the Nextdoor app in April. “I spoke to the police and they said she’s been living like this for over 2 years in different areas of [King of Prussia]. … It’s an awful scenario. Really, really upsetting.”That post brought about a life change that Lynn Schutzman, a 70-year-old former pharmacist living out of a small SUV and battling multiple health issues, could never imagine.Schutzman and her two dogs now live in an apartment where she receives food deliveries and neighbors stop by to walk her dogs. For the first time in years, Schutzman has Thanksgiving dinner plans with Husband-Elsier’s family and others.“It’s incredible,” Schutzman told ABC News on Wednesday. “[The community] did a beautiful job. I mean, the apartment is just beautiful with personal touches. … I couldn’t believe it.”In that April post, Husband-Elsier told the app’s users that she wanted to do something about Schutzman’s predicament.Husband-Eisler said she and her friend Melissa Akacha approached Schutzman’s car.“Our first question to her was just, ‘Are you OK?’” Husband-Elsier said.Soon, the two women learned of her story: Schutzman had suffered from numerous illnesses following the sudden death of her husband, and that brought about a continuous mountain of medical bills, according to WBUR News.Schutzman soon found herself unable to pay for her home, so she moved all of her belongings and her two dogs into her SUV. She said she didn’t qualify for affordable housing and that homeless shelters would not allow her dogs.Because Akacha is a pharmacist, she asked people in the field whether they knew of Schutzman. Meanwhile, Akacha and Husband-Eisler paid for Schutzman to stay in a hotel. Akacha said she learned that Schutzman was a respected mentor in the pharmacy field.“Everybody knew that Lynn was a really wonderful, sweet, loving, giving person who really fell on hard times,” Husband-Elsier told ABC News. “That made us confident in our journey to start helping her.”After Husband-Elsier and Akacha each posted about Schutzman on the app to make residents aware, some people brought meals and blankets, and even food for her pets, to her vehicle in the Target parking lot.Husband-Elsier and Akacha, however, wanted to do more. So, they posted a crowdfunding page for Schutzman.“This woman has gone completely unnoticed…by absolutely everyone in our town for over two years! Up until today, she never wanted to admit to anyone, including her physicians, that she is homeless. She puts on a front to most people who know her because she is embarrassed [as you can imagine] of what has happened to her. … She is one of ‘King of Prussia’s homeless,’” Husband-Elsier and Akacha wrote in their posts. “We need to help this woman. NO ONE should ever have to live the way she is living.”Ten days later, they’d raised enough money online to get Schutzman a studio apartment. About a dozen neighbors also came to King of Prussia in May to help paint and furnish Schutzman’s new apartment with donated items before she finally moved in. Husband-Elsier and Akacha said there were various committees in charge of fixing Schutzman’s car, caring for her dogs and even getting her doctors.“Everyone wanted to be a part of this,” Akacha said.“I know that Lynn needed us. She needed friendship and love and people who care. … We learned that we needed Lynn, too. This opportunity has also given us love and friendship and restored our faith in humanity,” Husband-Elsier wrote in a post on NextDoor.In a video that captured Schutzman entering her new home, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room as she thanked everyone.“It was unbelievable the way our community came together,” Husband-Elsier said on Wednesday. “We just asked [Schutzman] if she was OK. Really, it’s the community who made the big impact.”As of Wednesday, the rent for that apartment had been paid off for the next two years and the crowdfunding page had raised more than $30,000.“It wouldn’t have happened without these angels,” Schutzman told ABC News. “I just want people to realize that this can happen to anybody. … I had a good job. I had good retirement but I got sick and health insurance only covers so much. … I have no children. I have no family. .. I had nowhere to turn. Sometimes, you know, just the kindness of strangers just makes all the difference in someone’s life.”Copyright © 2019, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

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Tesco to replace its plastic bakery bags with paper

first_imgTesco is switching plastic bags for paper ones in its bakeries as part of a pledge to remove a billion pieces of plastic for sale in its UK stores by the end of 2020.The retailer plans to remove non-recyclable and excess packaging from its business under its Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle strategy.Where Tesco can’t remove plastic, such as where it prevents food waste, the retailer said it will work with its suppliers to reduce it to a minimum.Suppliers have been told Tesco reserves the right to no longer stock products that use excessive or hard to recycle materials.The retailer will explore new opportunities to reuse its packaging and ensure anything left is recycled as part of a closed loop.Tesco will be removing:Small plastic bags used to pack loose fruit, vegetables and bakery items, and replacing them with paper onesPlastic trays from ready mealsSecondary lids on products such as cream, yoghurts and cerealsSporks and straws from snack pots and drinks cartons200m pieces of plastic used to pack clothing and greetings cards “Our work to Remove, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle is already transforming our packaging,” said Tesco CEO Dave Lewis.“Over the next twelve months, we will remove one billion pieces of plastic, further reducing the environmental impact of the products we sell. By focusing on solutions that we can apply across all our UK stores and supply chain, we can make a significant difference and achieve real scale in our efforts to tackle plastic.” Tesco has already stopped offering carrier bags with online deliveries.The move follows Sainsbury’s vow this summer to switch from plastic bags for loose bakery items in all its store. The retailer did make the switch for it fruit and veg – for which customers will be able to purchase a reusable bag or bring their own – as they take up more space than plastic bags.last_img read more

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Jonathan Groff & Lea Michele on Spring Awakening, Cory Monteith & Louder

first_img Star Files Michele told Groff that Louder, which is scheduled to be released on February 28, gets its name from her big personality. “Louder is like me. I’m loud, I come from an Italian family, I don’t stop talking,” she said. “My favorite song is, 100 percent, ‘You’re Mine.’ I listened to it the other day—it was the one song I had the most emotional reaction to, just because that’s my relationship with Cory.” Groff told Michele that he believes she is the “quintessential role model” because of how she has handled her work, success, friendships and relationships over the last few years. “As your friend, I saw you exhibit so much strength.” Yuck. However, Michele did reveal that Spring Awakening was the “greatest experience of [her] life” because it was how she came to meet her best friend. “In this lifetime, if there is anything you need, it’s a best friend,” she told Groff. “You believed in me a lot.” Michele and her Glee co-star Cory Monteith began dating around February 2012, and, of course, he became one of her biggest champions before he died in July 2013. “My relationship with Cory made me feel like I could reach for the stars and more,” she said. One of those stars? Recording her album Louder. “He would be like, ‘You’re going to be a pop star!'” Jonathan Groff Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele know there’s nothing like a best friend. The stage and screen stars met almost 10 years ago “in [a] dark building in Chelsea” when they auditioned for the off-Broadway premiere of Spring Awakening and the rest is, as they say, history. Michele went on to star as Rachel Berry in FOX’s Glee and will soon become a pop star with the release of her album Louder, and Groff is the star of HBO’s new buzzworthy series Looking. In the March issue of Teen Vogue (on shelves February 4), Groff got his BFF to open up about their “crazy” friendship, the loss of Cory Monteith and more.center_img Even though Michele had to “simulate sex more than 1,000 times onstage [with Groff] in Spring Awakening,” she confessed that, at this point, she probably couldn’t even kiss her hunky friend without chuckling. “I don’t think I could. I really think I would laugh too hard,” she told Groff. “Whereas we used to make the hell out.” Another reason she might be afraid to lock lips with Groff? He might puke. There was that one time… During the hayloft scene, where we always open-mouth kissed. I had the stomach flu and I was going to vomit in your mouth,” Groff told Michele. “You opened your mouth and I was like, ‘Nuh-uh.'” View Comments Lea Michelelast_img read more

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WPB “Tot Mom” Casey Anthony to Make a Movie Based on Her Life

first_imgCasey Anthony, who lives quietly in West Palm Beach, is now planning to go public and make a movie based on her life called “As I Was Told,” the Daily Mail reported.The 33-year-old was named the most hated mother in America after she was arrested for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter.Caylee’s skeletal remains were found in a trash bag in December 2008, in woodlands near the family home. FILE – In this May 26, 2011, file photo, Casey Anthony appears in court during her trial at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Fla. The Florida woman who was dubbed by cable TV show hosts as “the most hated mom in America” after she was accused of killing her toddler said she still doesn’t know how the last hours of her daughter’s life unfolded. (Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel via AP, Pool, File)The Daily Mail reported Anthony was accused of neglecting her daughter and killing her to get out of her parental responsibilities.In 2011, an Orlando jury found her not guilty of first degree. According to Anthony, “I could care less what people think of me,” Anthony told the Daily Mail. “I just feel my truth needs to be out of me. I need to close the book.”last_img read more

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Liverpool, C-NS cross country qualifies four runners for state meet

first_img Tags: C-NScross countryliverpool In a short amount of time, both of the cross country teams at Cicero-North Syracuse had just about caught up to its rivals from Liverpool.How close they actually were would get discovered last Saturday when they squared off twice in the Section III Class A championships at Vernon-Verona-Sherrill, where they expected to duel for runner-up team honors behind the dominant sides of Fayetteville-Manlius.In the girls race, the anticipation was about whether C-NS, no. 3 in the latest state Class A rankings, could overtake no. 6-ranked Liverpool. That did not happen. Led by Jenna Schulz and Sydney Carlson, the Warriors, with 55 points, topped the Northstars’ third-place score of 75 points as F-M won with 21 points, placing five of the top eight runners.Schulz, as she has done so many times, would, with her time of 18 minutes, 21.3 seconds, beat everyone in the Class A field except future North Carolina State teammate (and F-M star) Claire Walters, who won in 17:29.6.Since the top five finishers outside of F-M would advance to this Saturday’s state championships at SUNY-Plattsburgh, plenty of runners stepped up, none more than Carlson, who was seventh overall in 19:48.3.center_img Freshman Kate Putman, leading C-NS, got to ninth place in 19:53.5, and by doing so grabbed the fourth bid on the Section III All-Star squad for the state meet, joining Schulz, Carlson, Rome Free Academy’s Emily Toth-Ratazzi and Oswego’s Miranda Gilbert.Liverpool’s runner-up team finish sprung from a trio of top-20 finishes behind Schulz and Carlson.Gabby McCarthy finished 14th in 20:24.9, with Eva Woodworth getting 15th place in 20:37 flat and  ninth-grader Kara Nash 17th in 20:46.9. Eighth-grader Charlotte Warner was 24th in 21:16.5.C-NS had freshman Marissa Navarra make her way to 13th place in 20:19.4, while eighth-grader Marissa Doty needed 20:40 flat to finish 16th. Allison Newton, in 20:49.2, beat out Hannah Reichard (20:54.8) for 18th place as Morgan Kingdeski (21:45.2) and seventh-grader Gabby Putman (22:02.4) trailed them.Earlier, the boys Class A race was the first on the card, and in the cold morning air Liverpool’s Carter Rodriguez cemented his own spot in the state meet and, with Jake McGowan and Ryan Cartwright, led the Warriors to a second-place finish behind F-M.In a time of 16 minutes, 37.2 seconds, Rodriguez finished fifth overall, and second outside of the winning F-M squad. He joins RFA teammates Nick Ferretti and Nate Sletten, along with Matt Bartolotta (West Genesee) and Jack Michaels (Baldwinsville), on the sectional All-Star team for the state meet.McGowan just missed out on that trip, but still finished ninth in 16:53 flat, while Cartwright got 10th place in 17:05.4. Ryan Hagan was close behind, getting 12th place in 17:11.8, with Charlie Praschunus (17:56.9) and Ethan Glashauser (17:58.2) also in the top 25.C-NS, who finished fifth in the team standings, was led by Matt LeClair, who ran to 18th place in 17:41.7. Close behind him, R.J. Davis got 20th place in 17:53.4 as Josh Koeppe was 28th in 18:04.3, with Zach Bergman (18:08.5), Evan Breitbeck (18:13.9), Evan Romano (18:18.9) and Edwin Hirsh (18:30.8) close behind.Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInRedditComment on this Story last_img read more

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