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Government in partnership talks with more start-ups amid preemployment card controversy

first_imgIn providing online courses to help the participants upskill and reskill themselves, the government currently partners with eight start-ups, including Skill Academy, which is owned by e-learning platform Ruangguru, Pintaria and MauBelajarApa. The participants will use the money transferred to their e-wallet to pick and purchase any training they need.However, the pre-employment card, which is aimed mainly at offering relief for laid-off workers and owners of small businesses hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak, has been subject to criticism. The public accused the management of a conflict of interest for partnering with a start-up linked to an expert staff member of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo.Read also: Govt introduces new social benefits as 2.8 million lose jobsIn response to the controversy, the expert staffer in question, Adamas Belva Devara, who is also the CEO of Ruangguru, resigned on Tuesday, despite explaining that he had not been involved in any partnership discussion or the appointment of Ruangguru as a partner in the program. The government is in talks with four start-ups to forge partnerships for the preemployment card program as it wants to add more online courses despite recent backlash over the program’s partner selection process and courses.The program management’s president director, Denni Purbasari, said adding new partners was intended to encourage more start-ups to grow. It was expected to take four to eight weeks to evaluate whether a company was suitable to be a partner in the program.“I believe competition will promote innovation, it will push the price to be competitive and encourage more training institutions to partner with the program,” Denni said in an online briefing on Wednesday. “There will be more options for small training institutions to work with the partners.” Denni admitted that there was no open selection process prior to the existing partners’ appointments. Her office chose the start-ups because they had a national network, the necessary information and technology capacity, suitable courses and partnerships with training institutions, among other things.Furthermore, the program management had held consultations with tech companies, researchers, labor unions, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin), the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) and representatives from more than 50 companies before the appointments, according to Denni.“Ruangguru’s core business is selling courses, and it is big,” said Denni, who previously served as the Executive Office of the President’s economic advisor. “We cannot ignore this fact.”Aside from Skill Academy, the program management is also partnering with a government agency and six other companies, including e-commerce firms Bukalapak and Tokopedia, to provide more than 1,500 courses.Read also: Sewing masks to silky pudding making: Training available with preemployment cardFollowing its launch on April 11, the preemployment card has attracted more than 7.6 million applicants as of Wednesday. With Rp 20 trillion (US$1.2 billion) in allocated funds, the program aims to cover 5.6 million recipients this year. Only 168,111 participants were admitted in the first phase, while the rest would be admitted in later ones.Under the program, each recipient will get Rp 3.5 million worth of benefit, which will be disbursed in stages. To ensure they take the online courses, the program management will first disburse Rp 1 million to each recipient to pay for courses. After completing the training, the recipients will get Rp 600,000 in monthly benefits for four months on top of a Rp 150,000 incentive for participating in job surveys.Office of Coordinating Economic Minister secretary Susiwijono Moegiarso said the preemployment card was the only government aid targeted to support laid-off and furloughed workers in both the formal and the informal sector as well as the owners of small businesses.“The number of applicants has reached 7.6 million in just 12 days, reflecting the public’s extraordinary response,” Susi said in the same online briefing on Wednesday. “On the other hand, we are also empathizing with the many people in need of the assistance.”Denni said the program was also preparing to accommodate hundreds of thousands of youth entering the workforce in June as they finished senior high school but did not immediately move on to college. They might struggle to find a job as the economy was taking a downturn due to the outbreak.According to data updated on Monday by the Manpower Ministry, as many as 2.2 million workers reported that the outbreak had affected their jobs. More than half of them were formal-sector workers furloughed by 43,690 companies.“Laying off is an emergency measure when no other measures are feasible,” Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah was quoted as saying in a statement released on Wednesday. “But we are encouraging firms to try measures such as eliminating overtime, reducing working hours or furloughing workers in turn while paying them half.”Topics :last_img read more

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Why I Hope OU Moves Ahead of Oklahoma State in the CFP Rankings

first_imgCarson and I were texting after the Baylor-OU game on Saturday night when he joked that OU would probably move ahead of Oklahoma State when the CFP rankings come out on Tuesday.Turns out … it might not be a joke.I woke up on Sunday morning to a pair of my colleagues at CBS writing that they would rank OU in the top four on Tuesday night instead of Oklahoma State. Even our friend Joel Klatt isn’t immune.My New CFB Top 10 (11/15)1) #Clemson2) #OSU3) #Bama4) #Sooners5) #OklahomaSt 6) #NotreDame7) #Iowa8) #Florida9) #MSU10) #Baylor— Joel Klatt (@joelklatt) November 15, 2015This would be pretty unbelievable, wouldn’t it? OU lost to Texas! Texas! OSU hasn’t lost.It would also go against what the committee did last year to TCU and Baylor. When the first rankings came out in 2014, TCU had already lost to Baylor and Baylor had already lost to West Virginia. The committee had TCU ranked ahead of Baylor every week until the final one.This tells me the committee punished a bad loss (which Baylor had — to West Virginia … and OU has) more than it valued a good win (which Baylor also had — over TCU). And here’s the thing, OSU hasn’t even lost yet. Why is everyone acting like that’s not a reality?It’s almost as if the committee is saying, “you know, you might have won 92 straight games by one point, but we really aren’t sure that matters because 8-5 USC just looks like a Playoff team.” Like I’ve been saying for the past two weeks, what’s the point of playing games then?We’re getting ahead of ourselves, I know, and I’m already loading up the hot take cannon. But you know OSU won’t get credit for running the table on the road in conference play and OU will get credit because it’s OU (this is a brand-name competition, remember).It seems unfathomable that OU would jump OSU on Tuesday night. OSU (No. 8 right now) should slide into the sixth slot behind Clemson, Bama, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Iowa. And OU (No. 12) and Florida (No. 11) should probably follow in some order since, you know, they’ve lost. But the committee doesn’t operate like the normal polls (which I’m told is a good thing) so who knows what’s going to happen.I’m actually sort of rooting for OU to move ahead of OSU despite having lost to Texas for three reasons.1. Glenn Spencer gets a new deck of “nobody believes in us” cards to play and you know he doesn’t need many of them to get his squad fired up at home.2. Getting the opportunity to beat teams ranked ahead of us seems like it would be a good thing. I think. I might not have any idea about anything anymore.3. The hilarity and absurdity of it all would be outstanding. As a proprietor of a web property, I’m rooting for as much controversial madness as possible.Either way, Tuesday night should be fun.If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more

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